Conditional Fall Extension Implementation on Lake Martin

As part of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) new 30-year license for Martin Dam, Alabama Power’s proposal to raise the winter lake level and implement a conditional fall extension (CFE) was approved. The CFE will allow the company to extend the summer water level at the lake into the fall, if there is sufficient water available.

Each year, the implementation of the CFE is dependent on four conditions that will begin being monitored and reported in mid-July. At any point during September, if all four hydrologic and operating conditions are met, the CFE will go into effect.

Read below for a summary of the four conditions and how they will be monitored.

Qualifying Conditions for a Conditional Fall Extension Implementation on Lake Martin

  1. Lake Martin is above its operating curve during September (487 to 488.5 ft msl);
  2. Tallapoosa Basin inflow, calculated at Thurlow Dam, is at or higher than the median flow;
  3. Coosa Basin inflow, calculated at Jordan Dam, is at or higher than the median flow;
  4. The elevations at the Weiss, Neely Henry and Logan Martin developments on the Coosa River and the R.L. Harris Project on the Tallapoosa River must all be within 1 foot of their respective operating curves.


Monitoring of the above conditions will begin July 14. The likelihood that the CFE will be implemented, based on conditions at that time, will be updated for public view beginning on July 15 and will continue on a weekly basis. Note that the likelihood assessment is only a projection and conditions are subject to change significantly over the course of July to September.

If all four conditions have not been met on Sept. 1, the normal drawdown will begin. However, if all four conditions are met at any time during the month of September, the CFE will go into effect and remain in effect through Oct. 15. During this time, the lake level will be held as high as possible, up to summer pool, depending on water availability. If all four conditions have not yet been met by Sept. 30, the fall extension will not take place.

Continue to check Lake Martin’s page on APC Shorelines for weekly updates.

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