Shoreline Management

As part of operating 14 dams along the Coosa, Tallapoosa and Black Warrior rivers, Alabama Power manages more than 3,500 miles of shoreline and nearly 120,000 acres of land. Our team of shoreline managers works closely with communities surrounding the reservoirs to protect and enhance the scenic, recreational and environmental resources these lakes offer.

Alabama Power works to meet the needs of individual, industrial and organizational stakeholders by permitting shoreline structures and promoting best shoreline management practices.


Managing Aquatic Plants

Alabama Power recognizes the ecological importance of aquatic vegetation in company reservoirs. Aquatic vegetation will be managed for the optimization of all uses of reservoirs in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations. Aquatic plant control will be considered if vegetation:

  • Creates a potential public health hazard by providing a mosquito-breeding habitat.
  • Poses a threat to power generation facilities or water withdrawal structures.
  • Restricts recreational utilization of a reservoir.
  • Poses a threat to the ecological balance of the reservoir.

Click here to report aquatic plants


White-Beaded Foam Removal

Un-ecapsulated white beaded foam is not permitted on Alabama Power lakes. Un-encapsulated white beaded foam flotation disposal is available free of charge during Renew Our Rivers events. Please drop off your unwanted white beaded foam flotation at the Renew Our Rivers meeting location during the cleanup. Click here to see dates.


Lake Safety Resource Guide

Safety on our lakes is a top priority for Alabama Power. To help you and your loved ones remain safe on the lake, Alabama Power Shoreline Management and trusted experts have collaborated on key safety topics.
Click here to access the Lake Safety Resource Guide.


Shoreline Management Practices

As part of our efforts in preserving and protecting our valuable shoreline resources, we put together an educational guide for lake residents and stakeholders, highlighting a basic understanding of our reservoirs, recreational facilities, permitting procedures and best management practices.
Download Shoreline Management Guide for homeowners.


Shoreline managers help maintain the company’s ability to manage flood conditions on each river system by enforcing easement and construction standards specific to each lake.

Local Office (205) 555-1212

Request for Lakeshore Use Permit

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Wildlife Protection

We’re working to preserve Smith Lake’s flattened musk turtle.

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