Request for Lakeshore Use Permit

If you’re looking to build or modify anything on the lakes listed, you will need a permit granting access. Select your lake for more information and fill out the form below to request your permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to apply for a shoreline permit is on the website.
All work (besides painting and pressure washing) in the lakebed, in the APC flood easement, or within the APC Control Strip could require a permit.

A signed copy of permit guidelines, copy of recorded property deed, drawing with dimensions/location of requested build or repair, and any applicable subdivision ARC/HOA approvals.

As described in License No. 2628 issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

SCENIC EASEMENT: As with Alabama Power’s fee-owned lands, no construction and/or related activity may take place within Alabama Power’s scenic easement lands without Alabama Power’s prior written authorization. Certain activities are not permitted within Alabama Power’s scenic easement lands, including but not necessarily limited to: changing the contour of the land; laying/seeding any sod, grass, and/or garden; constructing any habitable structure, fence, or, well; allowing the presence of any garbage, debris, or other foreign material; removing any tree measuring more than three inches in diameter; and clearing any shrubbery measuring more than four feet tall. Permittee potentially may be authorized to construct one (but no more than one) walkway within the scenic easement, but said potential walkway may not measure more than four feet in width.

During a drawdown of the lake. Drawdowns provide increased lakebed access for residents to complete construction projects and maintenance on shoreline structures.
The size of structures allowed varies by lake. Lots with less than 100 feet of shoreline may be restricted or may not be eligible for structures. However, our shoreline management offices try to work with all property owners to obtain some type of structure if requested.

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