At Alabama Power, we know hunting is an important tradition in our state. To help families pass on that tradition — teaching the next generation to respect and preserve our state’s natural resources — we work with state and community groups to provide hunting access on some of our properties.

Hunting License Program

Each year, we license hunting rights for more than 80,000 acres of our property to hunting clubs across the state. While many of these licenses provide exclusive access to the tract are held by clubs for years, a limited number of properties become available each year and new hunting properties are occasionally added. If you don’t see an available tract of land (below) you are interested in today, please check this website during future bidding periods.

Release Agreement Form (PDF)
Complete and submit to inspect a tract(s).
Sample Hunting License (PDF)

Hunting Properties

View Hunting Properties

Disability Hunting Access

We are proud to partner with Alabama’s Hunting and Fishing Trail for People with Disabilities to provide expanded access for outdoor recreation. Partnering with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, we help manage handicap-accessible hunting sites near lakes Harris, Jordan and Smith in Randolph, Elmore and Walker Counties.

For more information for hunting and fishing for the disabled, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

APC previously required bidders to mail or email their highest and best bid by the end of February. This year APC is using a bidding website to allow bidders to post bids for available properties. This new process will allow bidders to see information about each tract including maps, GPS coordinates, pictures, limitations and other important information. Importantly, bidders will be able to see the current high bid for each property.

APC recently reimplemented offering available hunting properties to the public twice a year (February and August if available) and now uses an interactive online bidding process. —Persons wanting a license have until the last day of February and August to bid on available properties listed at the link above (only during the bidding period). The bidding process closes at 8:00 PM CT on the last day of February and August. Should a successful bid be disqualified by APC or if a winning bidder relinquishes a winning bid, the remaining bids for that tract will be reviewed for the possibility of awarding to the next highest bidder. The hunting license is a 5-year license which is billed annually. At the end of the 5-year term, a licensee may renew the license for additional 5-year periods subject to APC’s review and approval of the tract for renewal. Should the property remain in the program and the current licensee and APC decides to renew the license, the rate will increase ten percent (10%) from the prior period’s annual rate. No properties will be licensed outside of the bid process and there is no waiting list for currently licensed properties.

Parties wanting to view a listed property must request access before entering Alabama Power-owned property. A release agreement must be signed and submitted (preferably by email) to Alabama Power before access can be granted. Possession of a property map or signed release of agreement does not grant access to properties. Access will be granted by way of notification on official Alabama Power letterhead or via an email from a Leasing Representative in our Corporate Real Estate Department. For some tracts to be viewed, an Alabama Power representative may accompany a party to open gates or cross adjacent property. If multiple parties want to view the same tract, Alabama Power reserves the right to schedule group visits within a specified period of time. GPS coordinates may be identified at property entry points on the location maps.

Yes, we ask that each club provide a list of each member along with their phone number, mailing address and email address. We also ask that updates be periodically provided if there is a change in the membership.
No. Hunting camps are strictly prohibited.
Use of all-terrain vehicles on licensed property is prohibited, except as a means of transportation for the Licensee, provided this does not cause material damage or injury to the property as determined by Alabama Power.
Administrative Fee — A current administrative fee of $250 is charged when the hunting license agreement is prepared and entered into. An administrative fee may also be charged upon each renewal.

Insurance – Alabama Power annually purchases a comprehensive general liability insurance policy to cover all active hunting clubs operating on company-owned land. Alabama Power will issue a separate bill to each club, independent of and in addition to the club’s license fee, to cover each club’s respective share of the cost of the insurance policy.

Restrictions, if any, should be indicated on the map of the property and more explicitly spelled out in the license agreement.
No. In the few instances in which there is not public access to the properties listed for bid, Alabama Power cannot obtain access for the Licensee. A Licensee has to gain access rights for its own needs from the adjacent land owners themselves. If access can’t be obtained, then Alabama Power will allow the Licensee to terminate the agreement and refund the license fee. The winning bidder is required to provide written approval across a landowner’s property if required to access a property.

Please review all information contained on this page (including the Release Agreement and Hunting License Agreement) and on the bidding website (link above).  After reviewing all of this information, contact Al Holmes at 205-645-8569 or [email protected] with any additional questions.

Enjoy your favorite outdoor adventures on acres of protected land.

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