In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s summertime in Alabama, where the air temperature Did you know some of the best fishing can be found after a rain storm? If you’re on the water and see a shower or storm coming your way, get off the water immediately for safety. Once the storm has passed by, however, and the weather has cleared, you’re in for some of the best summer fishing out there.

Several things happen during and after a shower that can work to your advantage:

  • A shower not only blocks the sun, but also almost always will include a good amount of wind and rain, which can increase your chances of catching fish.
  • Overcast conditions can make fish move from summertime hideouts like deep water, vegetation, docks or other structures to shallower water where they can be easier to catch.
  • The wind-driven current scatters things fish like to eat, so the windblown banks are the best to target.
  • Rain cools water surface temperatures — and just a few degrees can make fish more active. Also, rain puts a slight stain in the water, which tends to make fish more aggressive.
  • Look for spots where rain creates a runoff of water into a lake or river. Places like ditches, culverts or anywhere rain is running into the water will be fish magnets. Worms, crickets, crawfish and other prey get washed into this area, which attracts fish.
  • Use the wind and sudden influx of water to your advantage. Always try to cast lures into the wind and/or against the current. This allows your lure to wash with the wind or down the current as natural prey would. This is a natural presentation, and sometimes it can be the difference in catching fish or not having any luck.

Fishing lures to use after a cooling summer shower are simple and straightforward:

If you are after bass, use baits that create a lot flash, noise or commotion in the water. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, rattling crankbaits and jerkbaits are some of the baits you should try first.

If you are going for panfish, use live baits like worms, crickets and minnows.

The key is to cover a lot of water by fishing fast. Try to fish as many places as possible before sunlight comes back and heats everything again. Fish won’t be in every spot, but keep moving until you find them. Enjoy the cooler weather and hot fishing.


Meet Clint Nail

Clint is one of Shoreline’s fishing experts who shares his wisdom and knowledge about fishing and the right ways to enjoy our lakes. He is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, and a consistent competitor in fishing tournaments statewide. When Clint isn’t fishing, he’s a chemist for Alabama Power.

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