The latest issue of Shorelines introduces a new look that is an effort of the Alabama Power Public Relations team to better engage customers and evolve the magazine’s content in the ever-changing media landscape.

The new Shorelines logo is the lead-in to larger, more dramatic photos that drive the storytelling, capturing the vibrancy and liveliness of Alabama Power’s lakes. Stories are now told in a variety of ways — through tip boxes, lists, bite-sized pieces up to longer, more traditional narratives.

“Telling our stories in a more visual way allows us to showcase the natural beauty of Alabama and our wonderful lakes,” said Graphic Designer Dan Guffey. “The perfect illustration or photo that grabs one’s attention and invites them to delve deeper into the story and ultimately the entire magazine is what I want to accomplish. It is my ‘thanks’ to the readers for the time they’ve given the publication.”

Shorelines has been produced in its current format since 2012 and tells the stories of all 12 Alabama Power lakes. Keeping in mind the pictorial capacity of the magazine, the Shorelines team set out to better capture the beauty and visual aspects of lake life.

Guffey built the new look, with help from Dan Bynum, who leads graphic arts for Public Relations, along with Communications Specialist Allison Westlake and Communication Services Editorial Manager Bob Blalock, who produce and manage the editorial content. The team met, pored over thousands of magazine pages for inspiration and trekked to the lakes for photo shoots and interviews. The result is an issue with an even deeper connection to our lakes.

The new look was unveiled in summer to capture the season when our lakes are busiest, filled with boaters, anglers, skiers, swimmers and folks just looking to relax. Similarly, the online presence of Shorelines has adopted the new look of the printed publication.

“Our lakes are full of activity in the summertime,” Westlake said. “There is liveliness to the lakes this time of year and it’s the perfect opportunity to share our new, updated issue with our lake audience.”

In this issue, read about Alabama’s disabled water skiers’ success on the world stage, tips for the perfect picnic at the lake, the summer memories of Lay Dam villagers, some of Alabama’s best authors and stories, as well as a summer safety guide.

Check out the new issue here.

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