Local residents along County Road 43 encouraged to monitor changing conditions.

Smith Lake has received heavy rains over the past 15 days due to severe weather.

Alabama Power has a spillway operations plan ready in the event the lake approaches spillway crest elevation of 522 feet.

Current projections show the lake rising to about 521.7 feet by the evening of Thursday, April 1.

As part of the plan, the company is notifying residents who could be affected if a localized area of County Road 43 to the Mill Creek bridge directly south of the dam site becomes impassable due to spillway activation. Local officials and law enforcement also are being updated.

Those in the affected area should continue to monitor changing conditions and are encouraged to take early measures to ensure they can travel if needed.

Smith Dam does not have spillway gates or floodgates.

Smith has a natural, geological spillway designed to allow the lake to overflow safely when it reaches an elevation of 522 feet.

Alabama Power operates Smith Dam consistent with federally approved procedures and at the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The company will continue to closely monitor conditions and carefully manage resources. Lake elevations and projections are subject to change.

Individuals with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities should stay alert to changing conditions on Alabama Power reservoirs and be prepared to take steps to protect their property.

For more information about Alabama Power lakes and alerts on lake conditions, download the Smart Lakes app for your smartphone or visit apcshorelines.com.

Individuals can also call 1-800-LAKES 11 (1-800-525-3711) for lake condition updates.

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