The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved Alabama Power’s request to permanently raise the normal winter pool levels and modify flood operations at Weiss and Logan Martin lakes on the Coosa River, but the changes will most likely not take effect before fall 2022.

The normal winter pool level at Weiss Lake will be raised by 3 feet, from 558 to 561 feet. At Logan Martin, the normal winter pool will increase by 2 feet, from 460 to 462 feet.

With the timing of the Record of Decision signed by the Corps on Aug. 27, Alabama Power will need to further coordinate with the Corps and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission before the new winter pools can be implemented.

“We are extremely pleased that the Corps has given its approval for these changes,” said Herbie Johnson, Southern Company Hydro general manager.

In the meantime, Alabama Power is encouraging lake property owners to make repairs and improvements to docks, ramps and other permitted construction projects while the lakes are at winter pool levels. before beginning any construction, lake residents interested in performing shoreline maintenance should apply for the necessary permits by visiting or calling their local Shoreline Management Office.

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