Dating as far back as the 1930s, the Russell Cabins have long been a part of Lake Martin’s history. Here we showcase the Veranda, which was one of the Russell Lands On Lake Martin Show Houses of 2015. The new cabins feature open floor plans with large porches and windows to encourage families to spend time together and enjoy the view.

Working with Nan Jackson of Russell Lands on Lake Martin, the home is decorated and furnished by Seibels in downtown Homewood. Owner Kelly Seibels, designer Trissy Holladay and their team have been outfitting camps and cottages since 1994 with a unique collection of indoor and outdoor furnishings, much of it custom-made by Seibels or privately labeled for customers with their lifestyle in mind.

Veranda Show House

For more information about Seibels visit their Facebook page, and you can learn more about Russell Lands On Lake Martin at their website.

Photo Credit: Graham Yelton.

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