Recent heavy rains across the state mean water levels at Alabama Power’s Lake Martin have risen above this year’s winter pool level of 481 feet and are expected to peak in the coming days at just under 484 feet.  

The company announced last year that the lake would be held at 481 feet until Feb. 17, when it would begin slowly refilling to summer pool. However, the amount of recent rainfall meant holding the lake at that level wasn’t possible.  

“Widespread heavy rains last week brought higher water levels into our reservoirs,” said Lisa Martindale, Southern Company hydro reservoir management manager. “The positive benefit of all that rain was increased hydro generation for customers.”  

The company expects the lake to peak Tuesday, Feb. 8, and is currently in flood control operations. To stay on track for summer pool, Alabama Power plans to begin filling the lake on Feb. 18.  

As always, Alabama Power encourages people with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities to pay close attention to the changing conditions of the lake, remain mindful of personal safety and be prepared to take necessary steps to protect their property.  

Weather conditions mean lake elevations and projections are always subject to change. 

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